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A new ARPG, Skillbased game, inspiration from other media content and imagination ideas, completely free game.
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 Readressing the Public about Project Shinobi Generations

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Readressing the Public about Project Shinobi Generations Empty
PostSubject: Readressing the Public about Project Shinobi Generations   Readressing the Public about Project Shinobi Generations Icon_minitimeMon Apr 15, 2013 12:25 am

Dear new and old members,

I know there are a lot of questions about the status of Shinobi Generations that is not being answered fast of enough and further matters pertaining to the state and direction of Shinobi Generations. Yes it's still going but at a slower pace because i'm just one person doing it all my way since some unnecessary disruptions by others that seem to be very immature people that were on the team but not anymore. Development log is still being work on for everyone to see a more detailed information about the different things that villages might have or not depends on taking the time to input it into the project or not. because alot of previous vague description weren't being sent to the proper person to write a brief summary about its purpose and descriptions about things can be applied to it. Thanks for reading this short summary about it all because i'm just getting started i shall never give up on this project will be playable when the time comes to announce it. For further information pm me via forum message system and have a great day guys.

Many Thanks,
Project Manager

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Readressing the Public about Project Shinobi Generations
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