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A new ARPG, Skillbased game, inspiration from other media content and imagination ideas, completely free game.
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 Abide by the Rules Ladies And Gentlemen

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Abide by the Rules Ladies And Gentlemen  Empty
PostSubject: Abide by the Rules Ladies And Gentlemen    Abide by the Rules Ladies And Gentlemen  Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 11:29 pm

All Members and Guest shall abide by the forum rules with no exception that by saying. So can’t say that I didn’t see that in the rules when it has been written and explained to protect those individual or spot the irresponsible ones. Yes Forum is English speaking because later in the “In the near Future will apply different sections with multiple languages”

1.0.1 No spamming of threads and chat box will cause the perpetrator to be ban for one-week worth of banning.
1.0.2 No Disrespect of Staff/ Forum Populace; Flaming, Trolling of threads, Flooding of chat box.
1.0.3 Run into any problems with someone look no further Forum staff is here to assist any wrongful doing by others.
1.0.4 No identity theft of taking names of famous individuals in our society who holds a lot of power than the average person.
1.0.5 Don’t Post in wrong sections because can get tiring when we have taken the time to move things in the right direction an labeled it for certain user created topics to be seen in.
• Misuse of the Quote option is unnecessary and childish so please know when to use it.
• Just remember we are all human beings just because punishment can’t be found doesn’t mean that you are obliged to get away with things.

2 Additional Rules

• No impersonating a forum staff (luring others to believe Mod Powers, Asking for passwords to other user accounts, following action below will be applied towards anyone.
• 1st Warning will be applied.
• 2nd Temporarily Ban after warning was issued.
• 3rd IP Ban and Permanent Ban of user account if the Forum staff issued step 1-2.

**Rules were written as testament of what the sole divinity Daimyo has asked of us staff members to imprint into Rule Breaker. so cross the line and be done away because the close alpha will be done in forum before going out to our indie page.**

*** note to all These rules may change based on the future situations.***
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Abide by the Rules Ladies And Gentlemen
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